Lipo Cavitation and Mesotherapy: Combination for Facial Sculpting

Consult a Dermatologist to get rid of Pigmentation

Dermatologist helps you to get rid of any kind of skin problem and you should a professional doctor if you are facing any kind of problem. Healthy and glowing skin makes you more beautiful so take extra care of it. Besides all other problems Pigmentation is one of the most common skin problems in Asians. It is a disorder of melanocytes where they start producing excess melanin – a substance that provides color to the skin.

Causes of Pigmentation

Excessive pigment deposition over the face is called melasma and this is the most persistent kind of pigmentation. Males and females can equally be affected by this problem.  It affects your face badly and sometimes people get depressed and avoid social gatherings. There are different causes of pigmentation.

  • Pigmentation can be due to sun exposure, hormonal changes, hereditary or certain medications.
  • Generally, women start getting pigmentation during pregnancy or at menopausal age. However, these days more and more cases of younger people developing it are coming to light.
  • Reasons range from hormone imbalances and sun exposure to stress.
  • Age-related pigmentation comes in the form of freckles (age spots) which is common in fair-skinned people.

How to avoid Pigmentation?

The most important thing to prevent pigmentation is to apply sunscreen daily with a minimum of SPF 30 and to reapply it if you are out in sun for more than 4 hrs. The selection of sunscreen is also important as it has to be broad-spectrum which prevents UV A as well as UV B rays. Even on cloudy days, sunscreen needs to be applied because ultraviolet rays can penetrate through clouds. To treat pigmentation exfoliating treatments, peels and laser which specifically targets pigmentation are advised along with topical applications.

Consult your doctor

Don’t use your topical treatments without asking the doctor because many topical creams contain ingredients that may be carcinogenic if used beyond the limit. Wrong selection of creams or using them without sun protection may make your pigmentation worse. Seeking consultation with trained and professionals goes a long way to treat and prevent this common skin problem. At Dermlax, Dr Bushra uses FDA approved treatments for pigmentation. So, hurry up and contact us for getting healthy, clear and beautiful skin.

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