What’s the Recovery Like on a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels are a popular medical spa treatment that can smooth and brighten the appearance of your skin. While much less invasive than some other skin-tightening treatments, it’s important to be aware that a chemical peel is not just another kind of facial. It involves applying a chemical solution that removes the upper layers of the skin so that it can grow back smoother and healthier. There are also several different levels of chemical peels available, which provide different levels of results and have different recovery times. Here’s what you need to know about recovering from the different chemical peels we offer here at Le Bella Medical Spa.

Obagi Blue Radiance Peel

The Obagi Blue Radiance Peel is one of our most popular treatments, as it is an excellent way to improve skin appearance with no downtime. It uses a blend of salicylic acid, glycolic acids, and lactic acids to strip away the damaged outer layers of your skin. We recommend using this treatment after microdermabrasion for better penetration and results.

Most people experience a feeling of intense, but not painful, heat for roughly one minute, followed by some mild redness, mild peeling, and a feeling of tightness in the skin. However, this type of chemical peel is, overall, very gentle, and requires no downtime in most cases. Some people may choose to stay home for a couple of days until any redness and peeling subside.

This is an excellent treatment for hyperpigmentation, light age spots, and sun damage. It also improves the overall color, texture, and tone of your skin and gives you an instant glow. It works for all skin types, but isn’t for deeper damage, like acne scars or very dark age spots.

Even one Obagi Blue Radiance Peel will leave your skin fresh, renewed, and radiant. However, we recommend 3 to 4 treatments to maximize your results and get more beautiful, healthier skin.

Obagi Blue Peel

The Obagi Blue Peel is a more aggressive chemical peel based on the same combination of chemicals mentioned above. Because this peel strips away more of the skin, we will apply a numbing agent to the area before performing the treatment. This more aggressive approach works on those deeper forms of damage that a Blue Radiance Peel can’t quite reach—acne scars, other forms of facial scarring, very dark age spots, etc.

Of course, a more aggressive procedure results in a longer recovery. You’ll likely experience severe redness and swelling in the treated area, as well as a burning and/or throbbing sensation. You will not be able to apply cosmetics for the first week after your treatment.

We’ll apply a protective ointment to prevent dryness. You should use ice packs to reduce pain and swelling, as well as over-the-counter pain medications (such as Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, etc.) as needed to manage your pain. As the swelling diminishes, your skin will form a crust, which may include darkened blotches of skin. After the first week, you can use gentle cosmetics to cover any redness, and you can typically return most normal activities after 7-10 days; treated areas will take up to 2 weeks to fully heal, but redness can last for months.

The results of an Obagi Blue Peel last longer than those of an Obagi Blue Radiance Peel, but you may need to repeat the procedure to achieve the desired results; this all depends on the level of damage you’re trying to treat. We will gladly consult with you and help you to determine how many peels you will need to treat your skin issues.

Choosing the Right One

These 2 chemical peels are both excellent options. The right one for you will depend on your skin and the results you desire. For most people with mild skin damage, 3 or 4 Obagi Blue Radiance Peels will help you to achieve beautiful, glowing skin that lasts. But if you have deeper skin damage, an Obagi Blue Peel may better serve your needs.

We’ll consult with you on which peel will work best for your skin. We may also recommend complementary treatments that can offer you even more dramatic results, such as microdermabrasion as mentioned above, or our Kybella treatment. Kybella provides significant chin reduction through nonsurgical means. A simple injection can reduce excess fat beneath the chin, giving you a smoother, more beautiful chin and neckline. When combined with a chemical peel, your results will be even more stunning. 

After any treatment, we’ll ensure that you know how to best plan for your recovery. It’s important that you follow all care instructions provided after your treatment in order to achieve the best possible results from your chemical peel. Contact us if you have any questions about what to expect from your chemical peel, or to schedule your personalized consultation with one of our skincare experts. Give us a call today!

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