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LED light Facials

What is Led Light Therapy?

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. So this therapy uses skin-friendly LED lights instead of harmful ultraviolet radiation. This skincare technique with low-frequency light in different colors purportedly helps in reducing skin inflammation, gives anti-aging effects, and deals with acne problems and this is available in LED light facials.

It’s most commonly used on the face because it’s where the skin is most delicate and prone to a damage of any kind. Is your skin is prone to any of these issues, and OTC (over-the-counter) skin products have failed to bring you your desired results? LED light Facials are made for you!

 Your skin will love the effects of LED light therapy as this therapy is safe for all skin types.

Regardless of your complexion, this technique will not cause any skin burning. The use of led light therapy for skin benefits is not very new, and you might have already heard about these.

LED Light Facial Benefits:

This technique uses light with different wavelengths and frequencies like red, blue, amber, green, etc. It avoids damaging radiations like ultraviolet radiation and is skin-friendly and ready to absorb light.

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It reduces the marks of damage from;

  • Acne blemishes
  • Aging
  • Wrinkles
  • Tightens the skin
  • Pigmentation/sun damages

Working – LED light Facials.

This treatment has a history of established skin benefits, Not only for aesthetic but also healing purposes. In the 1990s, it was used to quickly heal wounds and regenerate damaged muscle tissues by the U.S. Navy. Later it was used to treat different skin problems for aesthetic purposes. It makes your skin smoother and younger. The main principle of LED light facials is to;

  • Increase the skin collagen
  • Help tissues grow better

Is It At-Home treatment?

LED light facials therapy is to be done at a dermatologist’s place. But a few LED light facials devices are also available if you need to give yourself a light LED light therapy for skin benefits at home. These include:

  • Light facial masks
  • Skin IncTrilight Body Sculpt Fit
  • Professional LED light machines
  • Ultrasonic devices
  • Mesotherapy electroporation device
  • Light wands for targeted spot treatment

Remember, different lights are used for many different conditions, and getting skin therapy from your consultant is a promising skin treatment as these at-home devices require a lot of research and expertise to handle.

Light colors used in LED Light Facials:

As already mentioned, LED lights have been available for a long time. They have been used for different purposes, but only recently have these lights found their usage in treating different skin conditions. Lights with different wavelengths and frequencies enter the skin at different levels and are used to cure a variety of skin problems.

Blue light

This light is usually used to deal with acne. It can kill the bacteria responsible for causing acne. Blue light also keeps your oil gland in check. It controls the oil production and keeps the hair follicle from getting clogged. All these conditions cause acne, and by preventing these, the chances of acne are minimized.

Red light

In combination with blue light, red light is also used to reduce inflammation and ease redness on your skin. It also stimulates fibroblasts (a type of skin cell). Fibroblasts are responsible for making collagen ( which gives elasticity to your skin). This is a crucial part of any skin recovery procedure. Research has also found the Red LED light effectively in skin tightening, reducing wrinkles, fine lines. You will get smoother and softer skin with a red LED.


Nothing is perfect in this world! Do is this therapy. Here are a few drawbacks that you might face in this procedure;

  • Results are not 100% (not even guaranteed).
  • Not safe when you are on some sort of medication.
  • Not suitable if you have a severe skin disorder.
  • You might find LED therapy expensive.


Always consult a dermatologist before any potential treatment like LED light Facials and even for your daily skincare concerns. Only a certified dermatologist can recommend whether LED light therapy is good for you or not. Sometimes 5-aminolevulinic acid, a photosensitive medicine, is combined with the LED light. This drug is applied to the skin and the light of different color combinations. Makes your skin more sensitive to light and hence helps the therapy work better. This kind of LED therapy is also known as photodynamic therapy.

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