Is Microneedling with PRP Helpful to Reducing Stretch Marks?

Microneedling with PRP

To understand the benefit of this combined therapy you must understand two main parts of the treatment “Microneedling” and then Infusing PRP. Microneedling with PRP treatment is performed with a mechanized device with a cartridge. It contains a series of very tiny needles that penetrate the top layers of your skin. Microneedling with PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is helpful to speed up the reduction of the visible and unnecessary stretch marks.

In this process, the tiny needles help create “micro channels” in your skin and through these channels very different serums or it can also be your own Platelet Rich Plasma to infuse. These tiny injuries which usually don’t even let the patient sense, work together to stimulate the skin to produce the new collagen by creating new cartilaginous fibers just to repair those that were disrupted by the microneedling with PRP process.

After the microneedling part, your own platelet rich plasma is applied to the treated area. The PRP treatment here extracts autologous growth factors which is essential to collagen remodeling and repairing skin rejuvenation. These factors penetrate into the channels and initiate the repairing process.

The advance use of microneedle facial services Naples and the PRP gives your skin a boost in collagen production along with the use of the nutrient-rich platelets. It helps you remove the dark or the stretch marks too. 

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Most commonly stretch marks appear on the stomach after the pregnancy. They can also show up on your buttocks, thighs, arms, and breasts. There are different reasons why stretch marks appear.  . Though advanced cosmetics treatments are available, we must follow some cautions too. In order to be more careful about the skin stretch growth, you must learn to know how they grow. Some common causes are as follows.

  1. Weight Gain
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Growth Spurts
  4. Lack Of Exercise

Stretches are not the problem with any particular gender, they can occur to both women and men. Stretch marks mostly occur when the outer layer of skin or the epidermis grows slower than the inner layer or the dermis. If the skin layer beneath the skin which is also called the fat layer then the skin folds itself. It is similar to deflating a balloon when it has lost its elasticity. Then deep seated wrinkles and the stretch marks are produced. It may also have a slight decolorization when compared to the skin around it. 

Is Skin Resurfacing with Microneedling helpful?  

The answer is yes, with the help of the tiny needles, your body’s skin is resurfaced and it is safe because only the damaged areas are treated. You must have an appointment with a skin specialist to analyze first to tell you which treatment or what exact dose of the costmentic treatment you may need to cure your skin. The tone and the texture can be treated better with the help of microneedling with PRP. The duration of the treatment is based on the areas selected to be treated. Fine lines and wrinkles are the common problems treated with Microneedling.

Is Skin Treatment with PRP helpful?

Patients’ Plasma is extracted first and therefore it has no side effects on the skin but cures. Skin pigmentation and health is restored with this treatment. The right required quantity of the PRP is extracted and then injected by needling under the areas to be cured. Platelet-rich plasma is applied for the deeper penetration and therefore it is very beneficial for the stretch marks and even scars. The sample of the blood is taken at the beginning of this treatment and then reinjected mixing the created serum. At the end of this treatment a moisturizer is massaged into the skin with sunscreen.

What to expect after Microneedling With PRP?

Microneedling or the collagen induction therapy with PRP results in mild swelling or redness for a day or a half day. The patient may also feel numb or the pain where the needles were pinned. Its’ temporary and the skin’s temperature becomes normal with passing time. To see the final results it may take 1 to 2 months and lasts for three to six months. With extra care you can increase the duration of the good results after this treatment or best results from microneedling.


  • Can microneedling make stretch marks go away?

Microneedling penetrates deeper and helps the marks even the stretches go away. Finelines, wrinkles, dark circles, Crow’s feets, and other skin problems are treated microneedling with PRP.

  • How long does microneedling take to heal stretch marks?

Usually it takes 1-2 months to show results. Effects may last for 3 to six months and then come back. The patient therefore needs a high care module to follow which is given by the experts analyzing the damage of the skin.

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