Morpheus8 Treatment in Naples

Rejuvenate aging and damaged skin with Morpheus8

At Le Bella, we are offering the best skin treatment with morpheus8 machine. Morpheus8 is just like a micro-needling device used as a non-surgical, anti-aging tool that arouses a serious skin-tightening process.

Morpheus8 treatment Procedure

How it works?

All the procedure of Morpheus8 is just as microneedling but this device also integrates radiofrequency not just simply prick the skin, which triggers that collagen and elastin production at a deeper level that microneedling can’t reach. Through penetration of pins into the subdermal tissue, the main purpose is to tighten and rejuvenate the treated area.

Morpheus8 treatment delivers the best results for all skin types without any thermal damage to your dermis. In the morpheus8 treatment numbing crème is being used at the treated area then the device is pressed into the area, letting the minuscule microneedles pierce the skin. The needles then release radiofrequency (RF) waves. The heat from these waves infiltrates deep into the dermal skin layer, tightening the skin and fat below. The whole process usually takes 2 hours.

This procedure is ideal for;

  • Antiaging skin of face, jawline, neck, and body
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Under eyes sagging skin and wrinkles
  • Facial sagging
  • Skin damage
  • Stretch marks

Morpheus8 Treatment Detail Video

Ans – Yes, it can be combined with other treatments. But it largely depends on your skin sensitivity and your skincare goals. But this measure is not recommended and obliged on you. You may go for it according to your choices. But if you recently got a Botox, you must keep patience for almost one to two weeks before going for Morpheus8 treatment. You also have to inform your provider about your detox treatment. Keep in mind that Morpheus 8 is great no downtime requires prior consultation before treatment.

Ans – Patient has to keep its treated area under moisturizing effect through a good moisturizer. The sensitive part should not be exposed to sunlight. Professionals usually advise patients to cover the skin with broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. A person should choose a face wash or good company cleanser. Washing with lukewarm water is recommended. You can gently dry your treated skin by patting. Keep these precautions till complete healing

Ans – Morpheus8 procedure is ideal for Anti-aging skin of the face, jawline, neck, and body, Wrinkles and fine lines, under eyes sagging skin and wrinkles, Facials aging, Skin damage, and Stretch marks. You may find it the most reliable treatment to heal all your skin problems in a minimum time. To get a better result, one must follow the treatment schedule and session numbers.

Ans – Yes, Morpheus8 can be used On stretch marks, and this process causes rejuvenating aging and damaged skin with Morpheus8.At Le Bella, we offer the best skin treatment with the morpheus8 machine. Morpheus8 is like a micro-needling device used as anonsurgical, anti-aging tool that arouses a serious skin-tightening process.

Ans – Morpheus 8 is the ultimate power for patients who don’t want to go under the knife. HenceMorpheus8 replace it. Morpheus 8 treatment proves to be long-lasting, and it is also FDA-approved. Hence required no downtime. This treatment is quite affordable with long lasting 3 years of excellent results. It requires a minimum of three-session, but on the other hand, it depends on the personage.

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