Do’s and Don’ts About Workout After Botox Treatment

Workout After Botox

Before taking exercises and the workouts into account lets’ understand how workout after Botox treatment benefits a patient. Botox is a neurotoxin that blocks nerve cells. This helps keep your muscles from contracting due to which some lines do appear on your face. It also eases the appearance of wrinkles and prevents new ones forming. It is an injectable form of Botulinum toxin that helps lazy eye, improves neck spasms, and helps an overactive bladder as well. Botox is the brand name for this treatment while there are other similar skin treatments such as Dysport, Myobloc and Xeomin each one is used for different levels of skin problems.

We know how beneficial exercise is when it comes to anti-aging. If you are someone who enjoys working out as a way to look younger and feel more confident only then there is a probability that you are interested to know what workout after Botox or the other skin and cosmetic treatments like Botox will have effect on your part of routine.

Good news! Botox is a minimal-downtime treatment, which means your exercises and the workout after Botox schedule won’t have to be affected much. Still there are facts you need to know about the after-Botox treatment. This blog helps you understand the post-Botox treatment measurement to adopt and to not adopt.

1.    Don’t Workout With Head Positions

Changing the head positions too much may cause other symptoms too. If you have just been injected with Botox and want to continue with your Yoga or the exercise then must consult with your dermatologist. The guidelines often inform the patient to avoid workouts that involve the head movements too much. Must consult the doctor if you have noticed any of the following changes after being injected with the Botox Skin treatment.

  • Blurry vision
  • Urinary tract infection symptoms
  • Trouble breathing
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Trouble talking, especially slurred speech
  • Numbness in your face
  • Paralysis in your face
  • Severe indigestion

These symptoms are often noticed when the patient is taken himself immediately into the workouts right after the Botox Skin treatment. Therefore the care is taken seriously after the treatment. These changes can simply be avoided with the help of a consultation with your doctor but Don’t be too late for this.

2.    Do: Wait For Very Next 24 Hours

When you workout, blood in your veins flows in the best way. It reaches the parts of your skin too and often you may have noticed that the parts become more reddish. Yes, it happens due to circulation of the blood. In this case, the treated areas may get affected. The results are not good. You may face the potential migration of the blood towards Botox treated skin areas which may result of Botox treatment in the outwards side effects for example Drooping eyebrows and eyelids. 

Just wait and let the Botox move don’t move into the other areas of your skin.

3.    DOn’t Exercise

At the initial level, after 24 hours, you can start with moderate exercise. This will help the botox to stay further into the right place and to not move anywhere when you excel into other exercises. In case if you participate in Yoga or the other strenuous exercises defined at the heart rate of 130, then you must wait for another 24 hours. Often dermatologists advise their patients to rest because the exerting pressure on the Botox injected skin site can cause the reactions that are harmful or the movement of the Botox may result in different changes.

4.    DO: Workout but Moderate One

 After taking one day’s rest you can come back to your workout after Botox. This time you won’t workout the same way you do in your routine. Yes, there is a need to avoid any hard exercise or exercises that may exert pressure on your skin. The rate of blood flow must not increase a certain level. This is because the hotness of the blood results in the damage of the skin when you are just injected with Botox.  So start with a slow exercising schedule and gradually you can increase the pace.

5.    Don’t: Workout in The Sunlight

Avoid the open area workout after Botox plans or the schedule for a little time. The sun rays directly interact with the skin tissues and they not only increase the temperature but may volatile the inner Botox particles in your skin therefore the skin patients after the Botox treatment are recommended not to take a round in sunlight. Whereas working out in the sunlight after just having done with the Botox treatment in Naples can be more harmful to your skin.

6.    Do: Workout in The Closed Areas

Covered, shady, and the closed areas are suitable for the Botox injected skin. You can do workout here but still there is a need to pick the exercises that may not let your body radiate heat. Since Botox treatment lasts 3 to six months therefore the care is necessary for the fine results. Skin tone and the wrinkles may appear again after its expiration but you can delay it simply by caring a little extra and doing moderate exercises under the covered and closed areas.

7.    Don’t Workout after Botox; if You Feel Pressure on Face 

Workouts that include the pressure on the face skin and can damage it should not be exercised after the Botox treatment because Practitioners who inject Botox know exactly to target any of the 43 muscles of your face to reduce the wrinkles and the lines. It depends on the requirement of treatment. Needling is done and your skin is numb during this activity therefore you may not sense any sudden pain but later this will emerge and it is fine to expect it.

Normally people don’t stay away from the gym,even for the day but it is worth ensuring good results. If there is no other reason to take off from your heavy workout after Botox today, then why not Botox.


  • What happens if you workout after Botox?

When you decide to workout after Botox it may not go well. The blood circulates fast when you do workout and in the case of heavy workouts you may face hotness or redness on your face which may migrate the botox from its position and thus the treatment won’t benefit you anything.

  • Should I wait longer than 24 hours to exercise after Botox?

Waiting 3 to 4 hours is the ideal time if you are into regular exercise and can’t afford any absence. Waiting 24 hours after Botox treatment is a good choice to let the Botox interact and workout to recover the skin’s beauty.

  • How many days do you have to wait to workout after Botox?

Only one day is enough and then you can go for a moderate workout option. Gradually, increase the pace. The exercises with a heart rate of 130 should be taken into account for the very first days of Botox treatment.

  • What exercise should you avoid after Botox?

Exercises that are heavy, for example heavy weight lifting or running should be avoided after Botox. The other exercises for example Yoga, walking, and stretching arms and legs.

  • What will happen if I exercise after Botox?

Injected Botox may not interact well at the targeted sites of your face or skin. When you move there is a higher possibility that with excessive exercise or running the Botox migrates from other sites of the skin.

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